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Growth characteristics of selected fungi on polyvinyl chloride film

Could have been better balanced to include more education on the identification of mushrooms or the dangers of eating poorly identified wild mushrooms, or the fungal pathogens that adversely affect people such as coccidioidomycosis. Trdina Reviewed in the United States on October 24, 1.

I expected to get a lucid update on the science of fungi filmfilm and how they fit into the ecosystem, hopefully complimented by some cool real-world pictures and videos akin to the work of David Attenborough.

What I got was a bunch of hippy-dippy schmucks narrating their oh-so-cosmic fantasies about how mushrooms and fungi talk to each other I'm not making this up and control fungi filmfilm in the forest and maybe the world. There are a few cool pictures and time lapse videos of growing mushrooms, but the videos are mostly CGI-generated garbage trying to buttress fantastical stories of mushrooms and trees sharing their own underground internet.

It's a complete waste of money if you're interested in learning about the real world.

  • An experimental short film loosely inspired by the photographic work of Justine Kurland and excerpts from Rebecca Bengal's short story, "The Jeremys".
  • With the Amazon rainforest on fire and no discernible endgame for our dependency on fossil fuels, this picture provides a beacon of hope that feels neither hollow nor forced.
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  • Он обрисовал город таким, каким видел его в последний раз - дремлющим на груди пустыни, с башнями, сияющими подобно похищенным у неба радугам.

Verified purchase If you care about the planet or the health of your body, this is a very informative movie to watch. Verified purchase Amazing messages, stunning visual effects, and very informative! I constantly recommend this documentary to my family and friends!

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Verified purchase This was an fungi filmfilm documentary that most people should watch. It will open your mind to the connections that exist in our world ecologically, medically and psychologically.

Fantastic Fungi

If you want to learn more and expand your mind to the possibilities of the natural beauty and goodness existing in nature of our world watch this documentary. Fulton Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 1.

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It was Timothy Leary all over again. Getting high on drugs is just so wonderful.

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They even when so far to imply that human-kind evolved it's mental ability by getting high on mushrooms. They showed a graphic of early hominids stoned and stumbling around.

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Like I say, complete garbage. I turned it off at that point. Verified purchase If you think you know a lot, then you should watch this movie and learn how much you don't actually know.

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I believe this movie will give you a better sense of what you do not really know about the unseen world below or feet. I have read in the past about how the life cycles of the Pacific Northwest forest works, but this give much more meaning and understand to what I learned years ago. The movie is well done and the visuals help understand in a more fungi filmfilm way.

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The key mycologist profiled in this movie, Paul Stamets' passion for Fungi comes across in a quite but very bold and powerful way. I highly recommend this movie.

Verified purchase This movie was an eye-opening exploration of the fungi world and the potential role it has played in human evolution. We watched it several times at the theater and have purchased it to watch many more times at home with friends.